General/Common operating Instructions
  1. Login

    Enter Login name & Password and Click Login button

    home page

    After Successful login, the menus will be visible depending on the user's role.

  2. Administrator


    Notice Management

    Select the from-to period for which the notice has to be displayed.
    Notice type determines whether the notice should be displayed for a logged in user or in general for everyone.

    Role Management

    Role Creation

    Type in the new role name and select the menu/activity which will be assigned to that role.

    Role Edit

    Click on the edit icon for the role you wish to modify.A new page will appear showing the details
    for the selected role.Make any necessary changes and save it.

    Road Details Management

    Road Details Edit

    Clicking on Add New Road Category button will allow you to add a new category like National Highway/PWD GO etc.
    To add a new road to a category ,select the road category and click on Add Road button.
    A new Page will appear where the road details can be entered.
    To view or edit the existing road details select the category and click View or Edit button.
    Then select the road and make any necessary changes.

    User Management

    To create a new user click on the Create User button and fill in all the required details and click create.
    To edit user details click on the View/Edit User Details button.Select the user whose details has to be
    modified and make necessary changes.

    Create User

    Edit User Details

  3. Requisition User


    Work Requests

    Adding Road Details for Work Application

    Select the road type,road name and cutting type ,and enter the work start/end points and other details.
    Clicking on Add To List button will add the selected road details to the work list.
    To Cancel the selection and and start again click on Cancel List button.

    Payment Details Entry

    Click on the application number. A new page will appear with all the details of the selected application.
    Fill in the payment details.
    To submit amount details and generate chalan form select chalan for Payment Mode and select yes for Generate chalan option.
    To Attach the receipt of chalan for payment made click on Browse; and select the file to upload it.

    Print Files

    The files which are ready to be printed would be displayed under Printable
    and already printed files would come under the Printed heading.

    Estimate Letter Print

    Proceedings Letter Print

  4. Scrutiny User


    Application Scrutiny & Estimate Entry

    To enter the estimate amount for a work request ,select the application number and fill in all the required fields and click Submit.

  5. Approving Authority

    Estimate Approval

    To Approve the estimate amount entered by the scrutinizing authority.
    The final estimate amount can also be modified at this stage.

    Work Search

    To check if there is any work being done on a road for the specified period of time
    select road details and time period and click Find.

    Payment Verification

    All payments made with respect to a work request will be displayed on clicking on the application number.
    View Document link will be present if there is any file attached to the payment details entered.
    Clicking on it will open the attached document.

  6. Monitor



    Select the from-to dates and Request Type and click GO

    An sample view of consolidated report is as follows.

  7. Application Status

    Status of any application can be viewed by entering the application number and clicking on SUBMIT button.